Freestylin' the Kit

Dangerously Different - The Kits That Clash

Your jersey doesn't have to match your bibshorts - Full stop.

When more and more cyclists look dangerously alike, and rules like matchy-matchy dominate, it’s time to think for yourself. Hotmix Apparel gives you the kits to break the rules. So be bold, be brave, be wild... mix it up and make your own Hotmix style.

The Story

Hotmix Apparel’s range of premium cycling kits is the result of two passionate and die-hard Australian road cyclists, Jules and James. Having tired of matching every bit of clothing with their bar tape, helmets and shoes they set out to change riders’ perceptions that everything has to match. The result is...

Australian Designed, Italian-Made and Heaven Sent 

You could compare our kits to the classic haircut; the mullet, ‘business in the front, party out the back’. That said, we take our cycling kits very seriously, using all the latest innovations in design, technology and materials.