Megs Makes it 3 from 3. Where to from here?

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Our next instalment on our all-round Hotmix cyclist Meaghan Stanton (aka Megs), sees her eyeing off the World Masters' Championships in Andorra.

There's no doubt that Meg's competitive, fun-loving and free-spiritedness will get her to the top (or very close to it). We'll all be watching and hoping she makes it 4 from 4.

Right'o Megs, 3 from 3, fill us in on the details...
In March, I raced in the Australian National XCO (Cross Country Olympic format) Mountain Bike Championships in Canungra, Queensland and won my age category, which was pretty exciting!

Last weekend I headed to Townsville to have a go at the National Marathon Mountain Bike Championships and I was pretty happy to do the double and win my age category in the longer format too.

As a lead up race for Townsville, I raced the 66km AMB100 event at Mount Stromlo in Canberra, Australia. It was a similar sort of race, distance-wise, time-wise (around 3 hours) and terrain-wise, so it was the perfect race to test the legs. It was also a good place to test out the new bike (thanks for lending me the Superfly 100 @trekracingaustralia)!

I was pretty surprised to win the elite women's race because since I got back into racing the mountain bike over the last six months, I've only done two other races (the Highland Fling in November and Nationals in March)... and I have only entered Masters categories. Even though it wasn't a massive event, it gave me confidence and made me realise that perhaps I can go faster than I thought!

Meaghan on her way to victory image

Is the World Masters Champs, taking place in Andorra later this year, on your radar?
Yep - I've decided it's a great opportunity to take my riding to the next level, so I'm in! I have no idea how I'll go, but I'm curious to find out!

Will you be training for these titles any differently?
I don't normally think of my riding as training - it's just riding for fun. There's no point going to the other side of the world for a race unless you're going to give it your best.

So I'll be doing more work on my mountain bike skills and continuing to ride the road bike most days. I love my morning social rides - all I need to do to turn them into "training" is put in some efforts on the hills. Luckily my roadie mates are very understanding when I take off! 

Has the course been released? Will it suit your riding style... (i.e. just get to the bottom of the hill and 'sayonara' mates)?
It's in Vallnord, a ski resort in Andorra, so it's going to have plenty of climbing. In theory that suits me, but this is the same course they will use the week after for a round of the Elite World Cup - so I'm under no illusions! It will be a lot harder than any of the courses I've ridden around here, and given that I will also be riding at altitude, and probably jet-lagged, it's certainly going to be very tough!

Did you ever think that you would be representing Oz on the world stage?
Well, it's the Masters World Champs, not the Elite World Champs, so it's not sooo huge a stage - but certainly still an honour. Now that I've decided to go, I'm really excited about giving it my best and putting in an effort I can be proud of.

Have you started stalking your competitors yet?
I did have a browse of the results from the last few years. The Spanish and Italian women have been dominating my age category and the one below - I'm trying not to be psyched-out by how fast they look!

Well we reckon you look fast! We've got all things crossed and are wishing you all the success in your latest challenge.

PS. We're giving her a special exemption from donning the Hotmix Kit this time around... we think the 'Green and Gold' is just as important.

PPS. If you want to see Megs fly in style (pun intended) make sure to visit her GoFundMe page.

Stay tuned and we'll certainly keep all you Hotmixers in the loop...

Photo Credits: Marathon MTB