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Hotmix Apparel was kick-started from a desire to buck the trend and throw the 'matchy-matchy' cycling kit rule book out the window.

“Since when does your cycling jersey have to match your bibshorts?”. Just as you don't wear a matching shirt and pants when you go out on the town, why should you when you ride?

James is an ex-Sydney Kings basketball player and Jules is a graphic designer and photographer. Together they've melded their skills and opened the way for cyclists to better express their on-bike fashion sense.

With Hotmix's first edition of kits, in both men's and women's specific cuts, you can mix'n'match the jerseys and bibshorts to make your own Hotmix style.

With plans to expand the current range the possible kit combinations will only multiply. So let go of your bars, be bold, be brave, be wild... 'cause it's a whole lot more fun when you do things the Hotmix way.